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Covid 19


Toronto Tree Removal is fully operational during the pandemic. Tree work is socially isolated by its nature and we have taken further steps to keep everyone safe. Tree workers travel to and from sites in their own vehicles. Vehicles and equipment are wiped down regularly. The outdoor work environment is not conducive to transmission. 

If you are requesting a quote, our quoter will visit your property and you may discuss work to be done outdoors at a safe distance or over the phone. Your quote will then be sent to you via email.
Wait times are shorter - call for a quote today. 

About Us

Welcome to Toronto Tree Removal Inc.

Ever had that nervous feeling when you're shopping for expert services and you aren't sure who to trust? We've had it when our car needs service or when our furnace breaks down. But how about your tree work?


Nine years ago, I started a tree company that set out to provide customers with enough information that they can make an informed decision plus the technical know-how to get the work done safely and efficiently. 

So far we've succeeded. 

Request a quote and see what I mean. 

- Aaron Hill

President, Toronto Tree Removal Inc.


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Rated best on for the last 6 Years!

Rated best on for the last 6 Years!

One of our climbers on the job!

Toronto Tree Removal Inc. offers the following Services:

Tree Removal 

Tree Pruning 

Arborist Reports 

Stump Grinding

Tree Inspection and Risk Assessment

Emergency Service

Hazardous Trees 

Firewood Service

Free Wood Chip Delivery 

Service/Equipment Rental to Other Tree Companies 

Rated best on for the last 6 Years!

Rated best on for the last 6 Years!

Rated best on for the last 6 Years!


We are very proud to have been rated the Best tree removal service on Homestars for the last 6 years!

Check out our reviews!


Rated best on for the last 6 Years!


A photo of one of our climbers in action.

How does the quoting process work?

What happens after I accept a quote? When can I be scheduled? 

What if my tree needs a permit? What is the permitting process like? 

 Is Toronto Tree Removal Inc. insured? 

What are your Service areas? 

Do you provide replanting services?

Do you provide chemical spraying services?